Types of entrepreneurship | Classification of entrepreneurs

Types And Classification entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Classification(classified) into 18 types of Importance for providing valuable information to society and new entrepreneurs.

       There are different types of entrepreneurs. They are classification (classified) into various groups. Following are discussing types of entrepreneurs.


Following are the types of entrepreneurship

  1. Rural entrepreneurship.
  2. Urban entrepreneurship.
  3. The visionary entrepreneurship.
  4. The adventures.
  5. First time entrepreneurship.
  6. Experience entrepreneurship.
  7. Male entrepreneurship. 
  8. Female Entrepreneurship.
  9. Economic Entrepreneurship.
  10. Social entrepreneurship.
  11. On the basis of age.
  12. On The Basis Of Technology.
  13. The Opportunist Entrepreneurship.
  14. The systemizer entrepreneurship.
  15. The specialist entrepreneurship.
  16. The small business person.
  17. The cash flow entrepreneurship.


#A) On The Basis Of Area (types of entrepreneurship)

The entrepreneurial classified Basis of are discussing rural entrepreneurs and Urban entrepreneurs.


#1. Rural entrepreneurs (Classification of entrepreneurs)

  The  Rural entrepreneurs means those who handle business in rural areas and operated he/she Business in rural areas that are called rural entrepreneurs.

Rural entrepreneurs Handle large area for particular products. Their various home related products.

The Rural entrepreneurs use old and outdated technology and no found research product that’s the reason Rural entrepreneurs provide products and services at a reasonable price.

The rural entrepreneurs face many problems related to bank financing and rural entrepreneurs are not available other resources related to Fund.

Rural entrepreneurs do not get training because they believe it is a waste of time and a waste of money.

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#2 Urban entrepreneurs.

Urban entrepreneurs means those who handle business in Cities area (Urban area) or developed area That entrepreneur is called urban entrepreneurs.

The Urban entrepreneurs do related business that’s all business good demand in the market such as automobile, technology related etc.

Urban entrepreneurs make products under the Modern technology and provide best services to the customer and second most do think research and development of particular products or services.

The Urban entrepreneurs are not facing various problems related to finance, material transportation cost etc.

Urban entrepreneurs visit various entrepreneurship Development training programmes.


#B) On The Basis Of Traits (types of entrepreneurship)

On the basis of traits second types of entrepreneurship there are visionary entrepreneurs and the adventurer-type entrepreneurs we discuss as follows.


#3. The visionary entrepreneurs

 Visionary entrepreneur those who are Foresight is a visionary entrepreneur who looks remotely into what his industry needs and how it operates in the market ahead. The visionary entrepreneur’s ability to change the world. Examples: Steve jobs the visionary entrepreneurs.

     Vision is a dream by itself. They are visionary entrepreneurs are looking. Visionary entrepreneurs  They see how all their skill and ability will turn into reality. Visionary entrepreneurs of steve jobs see the vision of making a transformermative product like iPhone and itune store. 

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#4. The adventures (Types of entrepreneurship)

Adventure-type entrepreneurs are the kind of individuals who like to venture into different businesses and can afford it. That’s called adventure entrepreneurs. 

Adventure entrepreneurs, some of example Richandra barsan of the virgin group. Adventure entrepreneurs have good venture ability.


#C. On The Basis Of Experience

Another one type s of entrepreneurs there are classified on an age basis there are two types of entrepreneurs : First time entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs.


#5. First time entrepreneurs (Classification of entrepreneurs)

First time entrepreneurs means, Who are earlier starting business he/she does not have experience in business that’s called first entrepreneurs. Especially those starting a business earlier otherwise startet existing business. Those entrepreneurs who have no experience may find it difficult to get money or credit from the bank.

Those entrepreneurs have no experience investing more money, They do not invest in that business with confidence because they are new to the business.

These entrepreneurs mostly conduct various training programs for developing their skills and abilities.

First time entrepreneurs give advice From experienced entrepreneurs.


#6. Experience entrepreneurs

The Experienced entrepreneurs means, Who are From before in the market he/she has more experience in business that’s called Experience entrepreneurs. 

In Experienced entrepreneurs have good quality and do work systematically in the business.

Experienced entrepreneurs’ ability to handle large risk handles in their business.

When market situations change rapidly at times, experienced entrepreneurs make good decisions and analyze all cost benefits.

Experienced entrepreneurs analyze all activities regarding his/She own organization.

Experienced entrepreneurs have a number of customers as compared to first time entrepreneurs.


#IV. On The Basis Of  Gender ((types of entrepreneurship)

    On the basis of gender classification into two types there are 1. male entrepreneurs and Female entrepreneurs both are explained as follows.

#7. Male entrepreneurs

In Male entrepreneurs basically start business in manufacturing industry, transport, automobile technology marketing business.

Male entrepreneurs under most entrepreneurs easily obtained funds from banks and various resources.

Male entrepreneurs have high level confidence getting a high risk for organisation. 


#8. Female Entrepreneurs

Female Entrepreneurs means those women create their own enterprise organizer, and own and operate their organisation called as female Entrepreneurs. Basically most women enterprises start HR consultancy and  services. For Women entrepreneurs provide the government various NGOs scheme related startup and training programs etc.

Women entrepreneurs have rising number Problems because of lack of experience, and cultural background.


#V. On The Basis Of Objective (types of entrepreneurship)

On The Basis of objective another one types of entrepreneurs there are two types entrepreneurs 

  1. Economic Entrepreneurs
  2.  Social entrepreneurs


#9. Economic Entrepreneurs. (Classification of entrepreneurs)

Economic Entrepreneurs means those who are person objective economically meaning basically the first object to get profits maximisation.

Economic Entrepreneurs object to run business long-term and they are best at analyzing the cost of benefits. They Entrepreneurs object to run business long term in the market. 


#10. Social entrepreneurs.

Social entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs who organize and manage firms for social changes. 

In Social entrepreneurs’ main objective is to create their own business for the change of society.

Social entrepreneurs are change to bad effect on society


#11. On the basis age (Classification of entrepreneurs)

On the basis of age there are three types of entrepreneurs Young entrepreneurs middle entrepreneurs old entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs have limited experience. They are starting positions of entrepreneurs.

Middle entrepreneurs second steps of entrepreneurship after young entrepreneurs. Middle entrepreneurs range from age 30 to 45.

Old entrepreneurs have a better experience of the market.


#12. On The Basis Of Technology

On the basis of technology there are two types of entrepreneurship: technical entrepreneurs and non technical entrepreneurs.


#13. The Opportunist (Types of Entrepreneurship)

Opportunistic entrepreneurs find opportunities and start an exciting enterprise. Opportunist Entrepreneurs  always find new opportunities in the market. Start new products in the Market through innovative ideas.


#14. The systemizer (Types of entrepreneurship)

The systemizer entrepreneurs those who are entrepreneurs are including strength and strategies, example of Ford motor company owner Henry Ford.

Henry Ford people also consider visionary entrepreneurs when they see production selling strategies then definitely consider systemizer entrepreneurs.


#15. The specialist (Types of entrepreneurs)

Another one Types of  specialist entrepreneurship

When you see strength motivation for new entrepreneurs then better example of bill gat owner of Microsoft company fully specialist entrepreneur. 


#16. The small business person.

Small business people are those who are running business through limited resources and limited finance such as corner shops.

You can see an example of Sachin bansal and binny bansal who established Flipkart .com in 2007 for Rs.10,000 ($144).


#17 The Free Time Entrepreneurs ( Types of entrepreneurship)

Those who are starting business in Free Time and getting extra income. Free time entrepreneurs have good management skills for work and running business.


#18. The cash flow entrepreneurs.

The cash flow entrepreneurs only think about money. Cash flow entrepreneurs don’t think about helping society.

   Entrepreneurs are the key to the economy as well as entrepreneurs. Innovation work also defends Development particular country. We see here all types and classification of entrepreneurs.

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