Personal Ethics All Guide With Example ( Influencing Factors)

Introduction Of Personal Ethics 

      If you look at personal ethics (morality), it is considered part of a philosophy. Personal Ethics it’s part of philosophy, there are personal or business ethics both are different ways. Personal Ethics it’s considered the right or wrong determined of them. It’s different between legal and business ethics.

       Personal ethics basic of principal values that give interaction. Among individuals, it is motivated by humanitarian interest. It’s a category of philosophy that defines what individuals believe About morality and right or wrong.


Meaning of personal ethics

It refers to a statement which is (a point of view) based on certain ethics

List of personal ethics

  1. Emotional Honesty 
  2. Virtue of humility (Personal Ethics)
  3. Promote happiness 
  4. Karma yoga (Personal Ethics)
  5. Proactive 
  6. Flexibility and purity of mind (Personal Ethics)
Emotional Honesty, Virtue of humility, Promote happiness, Karma yoga Proactive in personal ethics
Personal ethics


Person Ethics explain as below

  1. Emotional Honesty 

     It’s man’s that expressing the true feeling in emotional Honesty. Someone must emotionality

This emotional awareness is related to emotional intelligence.

      Emotional Honesty is related to expressing your thoughts honestly such as love means that you’re expressing feelings About love.

Emotional and honesty
Emotional And honesty

Element of emotions

  1. love.                      5. Gratitude
  2. Fear.                     6. Joy
  3. Hate.                     7. Angry
  4. Sadness


Benefits of emotional honesty

  1. Emotional honesty will create Intimacy
  2. The emotional Honesty person will become a self-accepting person.


  1. Virtue of humility 

  1.  Humility comes from the power of our inner love, as we feel humbled by the feeling of cooperation and helping others.
  1. Humility develops thinking ability and Develops understanding abilities.
  1. Where there is humility, the person gains immense power of truth. The power of truth provides morale.
  1. Humility makes the heart spacious, clean, and honest.  Reduces harm in humility.
  1. Pride-punches often make us criticize others and ego depresses your intelligence But humility is a sign of Clever.
  1. Without humility, one can get wealth but he cannot make himself a place of interest for the people
  1. Humility is of paramount importance in some spiritual traditions today, but humility is still considered an important quality in some cultures


  1. Promote happiness 

Happiness is defined as contentment philosophy and thinkers define happiness in terms of good life.

Happiness reference to a psychology exiting state of well being characterized positive or pleasant ranging from contentment intense joy.

The man is obliged and even must be happy. Happiness is: 

1) Enjoyment Of Life; (when enjoy life)

2) Love (When happen because of love)

3) Work; (Best work)

4)  Communication With People. (Taking life experience)


    1. Karma yoga 

  1. Yoga is one such form of the Yoga of Bhagavad Gita in which the information about Hinduism is given.
  1. Karmayoga is the process of attaining perfection in a selfless act.
  1. Lord Shri Krishna says that karma yoga, that is, karma, is a state that comes from your soul, and comes with vision or awareness or consciousness, which is free from negative or positive emotions.


  1. Proactive 

Proactive steps 1. Strong person value: such as Achievement, Creativity, Adventure, Courage.

Dependability, Determination etc.

Proactive steps 2. Act on personal decision: In proactive personal life give decisions immediately

Proactive steps 3. Strong public value: when you get personal decision and give a strong person then you can get strong public value

Proactive steps 4. Act on public decision: In proactive steps, last thoughts give a better act on public decision. 


  1. Flexibility and purity of mind. 

  1. In Flexibility and purity of mind. Our thoughts are responsible for our actions. 
  1. In Flexibility and purity of mind the Bhagavad Gita, our controlling mind acts as our friend, helping us to live a moral and spiritual life.
  1. Your mental condition defends one’s own character.


# Influencing Factors Of Personal Ethics (Example)

Media, Peers, School, Religion, Family, Friend example of personal ethics
Influencing Factors

Element of Influencing of ethics

  1. Media
  2. Peers
  3. School
  4. Religion
  5. Family
  6. Friend


Influencing Factors Of Personal Ethics explain

  1. Media Influence In Personal Ethics

 Today in a world rapidly growing of internet and social media users, people get easy way information from the internet and social media. Media in your personal life has negative and positive effects. Below We are discussing media positive and negative effects.


Positive Effect of media 

  • Development of social media awareness in your personal life.
  • Media useful for Teaching and Learning Important source
  • Improve self-confidence when your increasing following, comments, like, in social media.
  • Amazing platform to showcase your talent.
  • In your personal life media save your time


Negative Effect of media in your personal Life

  • In social media increasing your Depression/Stress, most of the younger generation people compare to her/his friend with us in social media popularity
  • Social media Thwarts Our Independence Thinking in your personal life.
  • No productivity waste of time


  1. Peers 

    Peers also affect personal ethics, peers means those who are group same interest and same age also same interest. Like an honestly background etc


In Peers different levels 

Large Group of peers: School, college group these are the large groups in Peers.

Close Relationship Group: In this close involved closed friend and Best friends Influence

Social media Influencing Group: Social Media Group also effect on personal ethics


  1. School ( Personal ethics )

   In-School students are also in fact ethics. When students not discipline cheating with homework also not complete attend there are integrity discipline and honesty effect on personal ethics

Showing up to class tomorrow on time

  1. Students do not arrive at the scheduled time of school.
  2. Students do or do not do homework on time
  3. Some students are honest and disciplined with his/her exam and homework.
  4. Have fun or chat with a friend, turn on the phone, do these things while learning in the classroom.
  5. Some students do not answer the question while asking the teacher in school. This one is about school personal ethics.
  6. In schools, Some boys in school behave that pornographic comments about girls should not be abused for any other reason.
  7. Some girls are not able to do everything and need any support. This is another one to think about school personal ethics.
  8. About any kind of bullying in school, And those who are forcibly beaten, those students personal ethics impact on this.


    This most think impact on school Life  Ethics


  1. Religion in fact personal ethics.

  Religion also impacts personal ethics. Personal life, not complete religion when you start Stages of your life this impact of Virtue of humility, Emotional Honesty, 


  1. Family in fact. (Personal )

  1. Personal lif also depend on how family and family are structured like behaviour of family.
  1. Family ethics also depends of on family traditional or Modern family such family structure, attitude, behaviour modern think etc 
  1. Traditional families are honest and Traditional think in fact about personal life.
  1. Friend effect on personal life. 

  1. You get a lot of friends honest. In the same way, our personal integrity results in our honest life.
  1. When friends are Good thinkers, creative, emotional, then Also impact on your friend’s group.


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